November Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda                                               

Thursday, November 10th  

Called to Order by Sally Fabre at 11:45

In Attendance- 23

Leadercast Video – James Brown :  “How do you create a vision that’s fulfilling to others.”   Organizational  Vision, Depth Before Height.

  • Depth – “Foundation & Height” leads to Success
  • Find the Right Priorities – Establish the Right Culture – reinforce the basics
  • GOOD Communication Skills – Can you be effective  (How you talk,

manner, tone, etc)  Bad communication, aggressive can be an indicator of a bad teacher

  • Good attire – can’t go to an interview with out the proper attire

Do your research before an interview, dress for the company you want to

work for

  • Be ahead of time, promptness counts –
  • Be Hungry to learn.  Just because you finished your formal education does not mean you have finished learning. Have a hunger for more knowledge

Erin Wardell – Aloha Tomorrow Project – reminder to attend next month’s luncheon to ensure

voices are heard.  

Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb – $496.59 in Bank, Cash Flow for October was $160 in and $453.72

ABA 2017 Board Election

  • John Tyner – ARC member, ABA Member… no longer lukewarm, he wants to continue to be a part of this.  if New Blood is needed he will step aside, however he sees needs and will be happy to continue to serve.  If someone else inspires you he will understand.  Supports new blood and would support monthly meetings IF others step up to help plan, it is becoming a burden to the existing members
  • Carol Zamara – Naturopath has been here 9 years.  Joined out of enthusiasm for the Board, it encourages her to be more active in the ABA.  She has learned a lot and gets a lot out of it.  Happy to serve another term.  Has been doing it for 2 years.  Weakness is that she has not been able to support Karen as much as she wishes she has in bringing in speakers.  
  • Brian Merritt – Was asked to participate and said “sure” he’s just a “regular guy” who grew up here and went to Aloha High, a boy scout who works hard for true values.  He like to see people seeing the value in their home and growing something.  He encourages home ownership.  
  • Eric Squires – Involved through ABA via Library.  He thinks that the ABA needs a cleanup, we need Bylaws that are ratified by board, he wants financial transparency (treasurer’s report online)  Members should vote on how money is spent.  
  • Mike Holcomb –  is home puppy-sitting.  He will continue as treasurer, he enjoys it and has done a wonderful job.

Member Roundtable Discussion

  • Ray Eck – CPO 6 gets 20-30 per meeting each month.  Speaker Dependant.  ARC gets VERY few who come from public, they only meet quarterly.  He has concerns about meeting quarterly due to this.  Appreciates the turn out here.  Fears that no one seems concerned about Aloha.  We need to pull together stronger as a community.  
  • Sally suggests filling out the online survey and making suggestions for topics and speakers, to keep this from being a burden for one
  • Karen states that the reason to vote for 3 board members is because Karen and Sally remain for another year.  Top two vote getters are elected to 2 year terms.  

Tie occurred Between John Tyner and Eric Squires, the result was that John Tyner withdrew

ABA 2017 Board/Monthly vs Quarterly Luncheon vote results are:

  • Eric Squires Elected
  • Brian Merritt Elected
  • Mike Holcomb Elected
  • Karen and Sally Remain
  • Monthly Luncheon wins – please let us know what topics you want.  

Spotlight Speaker:  Lisa Klingsporn and Tabitha McCampbell, School to Career Program

at Hillsboro chamber of commerce.  

  • contract with BSD, HSD, Forest Grove
  • They have hosted “Career Days” – with focuses including aviation, a cartoonist, creative arts, culinary, Microsoft, health services and FBI among others
  • Intel Information Center – 2 career days held there, and they skyped with London reps during one.  
  • 400 Ride alongs have now occurred  
  • They featured a “Union Apprenticeships” Career Day
  • They held an Entrepreneur Career Day
  • They have had students go to “Shark Tank” including the creator of a lacrosse stick


  • 12 Angry Jurors – Ken Yarnell recommends going, praised the show
  • Mark – “Muffins in McDonalds”, one of the first in the nation to do it.  McCafe cards available.  McDonalds is participating in tree lighting.  Cards, happy meal toys, etc. will be available
  • Reedville Church has annual holiday bazaar on Saturday the 26th after Thanksgiving 9 – 4 featuring baked goods, onsite cafe, crafts, “heavenly buns”  
  • Habitat has added a repair program, painting cleaning yard, etc help for low income families.
  • Sandy with Beaverton Valley Times/Pamplin Media – Shop Aloha page.  
  • Mock Interviewers still needed for Aloha High School in January and May.  Covered for this month.  Look to build database of interviewers.  
  • Sheriff Office changes – facial hair for no shave November both to raise funds and gauge response to hair on faces moving forward!  They are facing recruiting issues and are trying to relax traditions to get more people to join.  They are switching to black uniforms which moves equipment up on their chest (move weight from hips to vests).  They want us to be aware of these changes and say we should expect to see a mix in uniforms for a while.  
  • “Scouting for Food” – Sunshine food pantry (boy scouts collecting food items) 1st Saturday in December.

Aloha Christmas Tree Lighting Saturday November 26 6-8pm Bales Thriftway Parking Lot


  • Ken Yarnell and his wife Barbara will be featured speakers.  
  • Crane and lift have been donated for decorations.  
  • Decorate prior Saturday.  
  • Would like businesses to join in, volunteer time, have a booth, etc.  
  • Childrens choirs,Jazz Band from AHS, Santa and Washington County Posse
  • It grows each year.  Over 400 last year.  
  • Church coming for hot cocoa and cookies.


If you would like to donate your time or resources to this event please contact Sally Fabre at 503-626-5790

Next Meeting:  Thursday December 8th, 2016

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

Adjourned at 12:56

The ABA Board would like to thank Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings.